Monday, January 11, 2010

Author Kelly Jameson Releases Second Novel, SHARDS OF SUMMER

January 2010 - “The war is ending. The madness is not. A language professor has reunited with a war buddy turned cop; both are trying to put their shattered lives back together. When they meet pretty Alison Ginger Jones, an intelligent, emotionally disturbed dancer in a girlie show, something beings to crack."

In SHARDS OF SUMMER (BookSurge Publishing, ISBN-10: 1439234353, $19.99), author Kelly Jameson’s prose urges you to read fast and furiously until you reach the final chapter, where disturbing truths collide to make a thought-arresting impact long after the last page.

Best-selling author KEN BRUEN (LONDON BOULEVARD, GUARDS, ONCE WERE COPS) says “Alison Ginger Jones dances along your mind long after you’ve finished the book….It’s THE GREAT GATSBY for the beach generation.”

Kelly Jameson’s SHARDS OF SUMMER is a great book for long winter nights, a study in contrasts, with strong characters and a racing plot.

An Amazon reader states: There is no peace after war (WWII) for three soldiers who are unable to shake the maddening memories of military imprisonment. They remain friends, living in the same town postwar (Ocean City, New Jersey). Their personal and professional lives as cops and a professor are thoroughly complicated by the erotic dancer Alison, who could be a victim or a murderer. Jameson's multi-faceted and intricate writing style strikes chords of both dissonance and harmony on many levels. The author's love of language and command of the written word are abundantly evident. Many of the passages could stand alone as essays; poetry plays a binding role in the chapters and plot lines.

About the Author

Kelly Jameson is the author of the popular DEAD ON, an award-winning suspense thriller about a medical examiner being chased through time by the same killer and set in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her recently completed novella WHAT REMAINED OF KATRINA, was named a winner in the top 3% of fiction entries in the 2009 Leapfrog Press fiction contest. Hundreds of blinded entries came in from 10 countries for the contest. WHAT REMAINED OF KATRINA is set in post Katrina New Orleans and focuses on an artist still struggling to reconnect with her art after suffering spousal abuse and an attempt on her life during Hurricane Katrina.

Kelly Jameson has degrees from Bloomsburg University in Journalism and Anthropology. She is working on her next novel (involving zombies!).

Order SHARDS OF SUMMER from the Doylestown Bookshop or where online books are sold, such as


Kelly Jameson
Paperback: 456 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (November 30, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1439234353
ISBN-13: 978-1439234358

Friday, November 6, 2009

Welcome to Kelly Jameson's new site

This is Kelly Jameson's new blog website. Kelly is a multi-genre author. Her novella, What Remained of Katrina, recently placed in the top 3% of nearly 500 blinded submissions in the 2009 Leapfrog Press fiction contest.

She has short stories that will be published soon in TangledBank Press, Sex in the City/Paris edition (Maxim Jakubowski), and a zombie short in Revenant Magazine.

Her short stories have been published in The Summerset Review, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 8 & 9, Dispatch Litareview, Amazon Shorts, Withersin Magazine, the Twisted Tongue, Barfing Frog Press, The Big Stupid Review, Ruthie's Club, The American Drivel Review, sliptongue, ThugWorks, Ramble Underground.